That's exactly what I thought as well! It started with an email. Plus it may just be that the killer took the lil brother and raised him. No comedy is not my cup of tea. He just pretended to, probably because he wanted to make the father think the boy would turn out like him. By the way I didn't notice that about the hair. .I think he might have been covering for his baby brother and he was curious about why his brother would want to harm another. 8.8/10 from 44 users. Regretting his request, Dad drinks his coffee and compliments his son’s barista skills. Just can't stop venting when I think about it :). as I seen episode two it hard to say anything without giving too much away, though I can say Ji-an is not following around Hyun though some crazy one sided 'love' lol. I think he just put on a bit of wieght since his last few dramas, if you look at his profile, his jaw line is less obvious, It's definitely just the role. I already dropped three dramas this year :(. Subtitles English, Afrikaans, Arabic and 37 more. Such a diva-angelic-baby-psychopath!! I am completely hooked! Required fields are marked *. Even as a plot device, who would be stupid enough to leave a serial killer unguarded with the door open?! Maybe Hyun just pretended to not knowing her because he knew she fell for him since forever /smirk. Bussaba Na Talad E33 END. I can clearly see Hyun being the emotional center and lead of this story, but I’m expecting Jang Nara and the other supporting characters to have a story as well, not just serve as plot devices. // Load the SDK asynchronously We see young Ji-an and older Ji-an following Lee Hyun, and she narrates, “I’ve known this jerk for 20 years — no, I’ve been stalking this jerk for 20 years, and he still doesn’t know who I am.”. While the dad did notice some signs that his son had conduct disorder (the childhood manifestation of anti social personality disorder), it could not truly be proven. The boy could look at a person and know the kind of person they were...exactly how he told the killer in the guard room that he was not an ordinary guy. So Min is the one who killed dogs around that area? Bo-gum the psycho? I suspect that he's the real psycho and the older brother is covering up for him. He knows that she’s calling to request his assistance and asks if they gained any more leads. Ji-an calls Hyun, who picks up while cleaning his house. And Yes, he proof it. She volunteers to request his assistance. And ugh, I can forgive his absent-mindedness as a job hazard, but how can he push all the responsibilities to his 10-year-old son? In the interrogation room, Joon-young unlocks his handcuffs and offers his hand to Hyun. That would make me really excited because things I've read and learned would make sense. You could just hear how much they worked on making it something almost like Sherlock, but not quite. Dad records the prisoner’s statement about his mother’s abuse, but he stops him. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Inside a cell, a prisoner (cameo by D.O.) I'm not into K Pop so I had no idea that he was an idol. Hyun looks at his father with a mixture of fear and hurt, and Dad looks back at him with a similar fear and earnest worry. I find that this ending, while not quite a cliffhanger, asks a complex and compelling question that makes me want to watch more. thank you!!! Watch full episode of Hello Monster Series at Dramanice. Please enter your username or email address. With a crooked smile, Joon-young asks what kind of person he is, and Hyun simply states that he’s a person different from everyone else. Add Cast. Ohh I just love this genre hehehe :). He seemed more like the prison psychologist rather than a profiler. So far. Lol,he's only got two hairstyles. For instance, I didn't think that Hyun's question was frightful at all, I thought that was a pretty good question and that it was just kids asking questions like they do. That fear. More JNR + SIG moments and the backstory got richer. I hope, hope, hope that the writer is as smart as she/he portrays herself/himself to be. Seo In-Guk looks manly in this drama. Main Role. Korean Dramas. Support Role. Had LH lacked theory of mind, he would not be able to become a criminal profiler, which requires you to literally put yourself in the shoes of the criminal. Lemme give a big applause to D.O Kyungsoo. “I merely wondered why a person would kill another human and why that’s wrong. Press conference for KBS’s investigative rom-com I Remember You, Another teaser and a half for I Remember You, Jang Nara and Seo In-gook’s icy partnership begins, Jang Nara springs into action for I Remember You, First stills from KBS’s I Remember You (Hello Monster), Hello Monster confirms leads and gets a new title. I really hope this one doesn't turn out like that, cause the 2 episodes hook me in! The drama has an interesting premise and I like the backstory. He was also good in Cart, his first movie and acting gig (shot before IOIL). Cha Ji An, who has been stalking him, recognizes him right away that he is Lee Hyun. Question, aren't the drawings that Dad found belong to Hyun's younger brother? Watch 2019/2020 k-dramas with EngSub for free! Talk & Performance, Doting Parent Youth White Paper (Oyabaka Seishun Hakusyo), Draughty Seasonal Maidens (Araburu Kisetsu no Otomedomo yo), Happiness Will Come Knocking Again (2020), I Shared My Husband (Watashi Danna o Shea Shiteta), Kiwadoi Futari: K2: Ikebukurosho Keijika Kanzaki Kuroki, Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos (2020), Off Gun Fun Night Special – Live in Malaysia, Park-Jang’s LOL (League of Love-Coaching), Piple: AI to Kekkon Seikatsu Hajimemashita, Rekishi Meikyuu Kara no Dasshutsu – Real dasshutsu game x TV Tokyo, Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2, Ryu no Michi: Futatsu no Kao no Fukushusha, School Strange Stories: A Child Who Never Comes. Reviews: 3 users. I'm not even a fan of exo but D.O acting was superb! I have to agree with you too. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I'm left with so many questions. We got some teasers of the banter between our leads, and I think it’s safe to anticipate some good chemistry. I do often get dismissive of other people and can cut them out of my life once I decided to without regret. Do people understand you? --the prisoner teenage and his incredibly unsettling gaze, Hi! So many kdramas (and possible other types of dramas) have such bad parents as plot points. Thanks Dramallam for the recap. Jun 22, 2015. However I do look forward to the lighter feel of the police team and the sub-mystery of why Ji An is stalking Lee Hyun. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. That got me since serial killers are pretty ritualized in their killing methods. Joon-young’s explanation about critical period and monsters still echoes in my mind, prompting an interesting discussion about who is or becomes a criminal. Hello Monster Episode 1. How are we sure it's not Hyun's younger brother who asked it first/who made Hyun ask it. EVIL YOU JUNYEONG, YOUR SMIRK AND DEEP VOICE ARE TOO ANGELIC /DIED OF HAPPINESS/, This is the first time I'm happy when the villain came out, lmao. Thanks a bunch dramallama for signing up to recap I Remember You (aka Hello Monster). Dad also requests that Hyun be more childlike and ordinary. 's good acting pure and simple. It certainly shows he has range. Each member thinks about Hyun’s information: the Bangbae-dong evidence that led him to the next location, the signature, his profiling skills, his smirk. A lot of theories thrown around from what I see in the soompi thread. Although 'Jakkanim Jakkanim' spell still into my brain when the first preview came out. Not only you , I am worried too about his romantic role. If the writing doesn't go off the rails this might be a pretty good drama. Now we've another idol who can act. NRNKF_HD E12-B. So my halted story continues…”. Or how ridiculously unguarded the whole police station was. I've been looking everywhere for them! I would hate to the story crumble and become a mess or just another okay drama. He asks that she request nicely, but when she does, he still declines. No such possibility here. You hardly see him touch anyone or smile. I'd think that for such a particular personality like that, it's harder to make such a significant about turn. I feel the punch line would be one of these characters. She calls him a jerk, but she seems to also be sorta attracted to him. Ji-an sees Hyun leave in a taxi with a smirk and follows it on foot. Yay, I'm so happy this is being recapped - thank you!! Tsk tsk tsk SMH. LOL! The fact that the father did not tackle that question openly makes it appear that it was wrong to ask the question or as if the questioner has something wrong about him, which is not the case. Why was she stalking Lee Hyun? SUB. // Load the SDK asynchronously So yeah, villain fan is here again :D if in Healer I am into Secretary Oh, here I'm into Do Kyungsoo (aside of bias but Joonyeong character is too eerie!!!) But if he indeed has ASD, it brings up another good point: is that lack of empathy the same lack of empathy in psychopaths; what separates the two? His dismissive behavior and reluctance to talk or connect to other people, his brisk, blunt and careless attitude also are Asperger traits. But I decided to give it a chance and the 2nd episode was so so so much better. Who is sending me these messages? He must have had a much more normal upbringing as an adoptee (than he would have had with his own father) which enables him to be a 'normal' adult now. Hyun gives his father a look and runs in to help his brother. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He failed as daddy and also professor of psychology or something. Another member MIN SEUNG-JOO (Kim Jae-young) asks how he could analyze the crime scenes so comprehensively. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. And I thought I'll drop it after first episode because romance, mystery, thriller one. I have not checked if this has been asked but the face of Seo In-gook looks frozen and smooth, and his lips look different. Thank you dramallama for the recap :) However, it often makes me think of Sherlock on BBC. The guard refuses, and when Dad enters the cell, he finds the prisoner opening the window with the handcuffed guard squirming on the floor. I also enjoy a good mystery and hope that they will solve a few different crimes and not just one main one. I really really angry with Lee Hyun's dad. Or the doctor in forensic lab? huh... that is indeed an interesting connection, i havent thought about his part of the secret-sharing.... but yeah, he is as fishy as it gets so i am really interested to have that character put into the story :). No comedy is not my cup of tea. He is not idol actor again but step up as actor. Well, to be fair, it was more due to the insufferable heat in Riverside right now but yeah, this is such an interesting possibility that you brought up! I watched the 1st episode and I may be very dumb to not understand many things. 5/nov/2016 - Kameleen Toma encontrou este Pin. That said, so far, I haven't seen Hyun do any profiling though, he's more Sherlockian that way rather than say...Criminal Minds. I really like the back story. He has the capability to be a monster, but I don't want him to turn out so/believe he is one. But before he exits, Joon-young tells Hyun that they’ll see each other again, as promised. Then he jolts awake, having fallen asleep at his desk while doing work. We flash back to the first scene, Hyun looking through case’s evidence and sensing some connection to his buried past. Here villain character is too strong, he loves it when the dad punched him is full of evilness /ghoosebump/. The flashbacks are really interesting and i love the team investigation with that new team leader. Confused, the team turns around to face the mysterious man with all the answers, but he’s gone. I hope he gets at least a funny love line here (is that even possible? He probably took interest and was curious in the prisoner because he sensed he was similar to his brother and wanted to understand. Its take more than the needs to “find the killer who killed my father”, to stalk Hyeon all these good 20 years… the looks on a teen-Ji-An’s face, was likened unto stalking a EXO members thru shopping malls or café…. For such a little guy he seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. I was happy to try this show and find another intriguing drama to watch (so many shows, so little time). But that can be a good point in the long run. Too much mystery I love it!

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