New: Tabs are sortable in Post Tab widget, Tweak: Added Post tab widget tab hover cursor, Fix: Equal height control rendering issue, Fix: Horizontal Timeline inconsistency with Infinite loop, New: Custom arrow icon control in Slider widget, New: Custom arrow icon control in Carousel widget, New: Custom arrow icon control in Horizontal timeline widget, New: Horizontal timeline arrow size control, New: Horizontal timeline arrow horizontal position control, Tweak: Updated Horizontal timeline widget default style, Tweak: Added % unit in Slider arrow position controls, Tweak: Added % unit in Carousel arrow position controls, Tweak: Added % unit in Horizontal timline arrow position control, Tweak: Separated Floating effects JS handler from main JS file, Fix: Floating effect dependency loading only when activated, Added: Justified Grid lightbox disable option for mobile and tablet, Added: Image Grid lightbox disable option for mobile and tablet, Added: Justified Grid default filter select option, Added: Image Grid default filter select option, Tweak: Improved Justified Grid and Image Grid base style, Tweak: Improved Image Grid markup – removed extra inner div, Fix: Private page on demand assets loading issue, Fix: Lightbox and Popup not working with wrapper link issue, New: Ready made page templates (Happy Templates), Tweak: Data Table row-cell text link option, Fix: On Demand Assets Loading compatibility with WPML, Fix: Post Tab widget compatibility with WPML, Fix: News Ticker widget compatibility with WPML, Fix: Pricing Table long feature text breaks into 2nd line issue, Fix: Pricing Table default style and content issue, Tweak: Added Calendy default username “happyaddons”, Tweak: Common cached files are loaded once as internal css, Fix: Happy templates popup button auto duplicate issue, Fix: Removed duplicate On demand assets cache file enqueue, Fix: Removed broken Review widget schema data, Fix: Team member widget email envelope icon issue, Fix: JS loading issue for non logged in users, Fix: JS loading issue for logged in users, Fix: All the JS dependent widgets with issue, New: Updated compatibility with Elementor 3.x.x, Tweak: Removed unnecessary Elementor kit assets enqueue, Tweak: Removed common image styles, instead added widget wise, Fix: Templates compatibility issue with Elementor 3.x.x, Fix: HappyAddons Pro assets loading issues, Tweak: Removed icons control workaround for HappyIcons, Tweak: Removed assets loading hook priority, Tweak: Improved Dual Button default style, Fix: CSS Transform normal/hover mode not working on frontend issue, Fix: Color change doens’t have any effect on SVG icon issue, Fix: Card widget image size issue on Firefox and responsive mode, Tweak: Added CSS Transform hover state support, Tweak: Added Stepflow direction arrow rotatation support, Tweak: Added Card button full width support, Tweak: Added Card responsive image positioning, Tweak: Restored justify alignment in all widgets, Tweak: Improved base styles in all widgets, Tweak: Removed widget control panel link from editor panel, Tweak: Removed HappyAddons shortcut link from finder, Tweak: Post List feature image left & top show option, Tweak: Twitter feed Error handling updated, Fix: Card widget default text spelling error, Fix: Template library dark mode compatibility issue, Fix: GravityForms widget issue causing elementor editor continuous loding, Fix: JS function backward compatibility issue, Tweak: Slide item link support for Carousel widget, Tweak: Slide item link support for Slider widget, Tweak: More html tags support for textarea/description type input, Tweak: Advanced button support for Team Member widget, Tweak: Restored default placeholder image, Fix: SVG icon sizing issues in all widgets, Tweak: Adminbar actions terms updated to more meaningful terms, Fix: Floating effect not working on frontend, Tweak: Custom attribute output support for all links, Fix: Missing styles issue on page/post clone, Fix: Popup link not working with link issue, Fix: Dual Button space between buttons issue, New: Wrapper Link feature for section, column and widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Carousel widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Dual Button widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Logo Grid widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in News Ticker widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Pricing Table widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Skills widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Slider widget, Update: Dynamic Tags support in Testimonial widget, Fix: Gravity Forms conditional field issue, Fix: Inline editing issue in Elementor 2.9. We're here to stay for a long time, and we want to do that with full satisfaction from our users. Now you can apply premade designs presets within our Happy Widgets. With the giant ball at Times square, prices for Exclusive Addons are also dropping to 30% OFF. A unique Elementor Addon with Premium Quality Features & Widgets. With the LiveCopy now you can copy any design from HappyAddons Demo site to your site. These effects are novel and exclusive that is only available in Happy Addons. With its extraordinary features, now you can do stuff once possible only by professionals. We have used it for many of our websites and it’s Cross-Domain Copy/Paste feature is just awesome. Happy addons elementor added 400+ pre-made design to use in your website. Probably, you find an interesting widget offered by an add-on that is not available on Elementor. Bottom line, Essential Add-ons adds features that are not in Elementor or Elementor Pro, and there are several unique features exclusive to Essential Add-ons. Happy Elementor Addons Pro v1.13.1 (Nulled) by admin 25/12/2020 106 Views Bring Your Creative Web Designing Imaginations to life with Happy Elementor Addons – a complete package for every level of users. Step 3: When you activate Happy Addons for Elementor you will be redirected to our HappyAddons Dashboard Home Tab. Its a great addition for elementor. I highly recommend this addon. Happy Addons. If you try to create your website from scratch and give it a professional appearance, then it will take up a huge amount of time and effort. Download HappyAddons for completely free and start making beautiful websites today. Despite Happy Addons for Elementor, being the newest addition to the product line up of weDevs, it has already managed to win the heart of its users with a staggering 5-star rating. 100 % Free from Virus / Malware / Malicious Script / Backdoor; We Purchase and Download From Original Authors. Happy Elementor Addons comes with the ultimate template importer feature directly from your Elementor Editing Panel. Amelia – Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin The best part is that you can copy and paste the design source code so you won’t have to make any design from scratch. If you don’t understand a feature or fail to give it the desired look which was already demonstrated in a demo, or it’s not working as expected – we got your back. Download Free Happy Addons for Elementor Pro WordPress Plugin. Switch your widgets on or off according to your necessity. With its extraordinary features, now you can do stuff once possible only by professionals. Most Elementor add-ons come with widgets that are not offered by Elementor although there are also some widgets with similar functionalities as Elementor’s native widgets. 1. HappyAddons include 500+ plus line icon by default for all users. Using the Elementor theme makes it very simple yet attractive. Step 2: After successful installation, you have to click the “activate” button to activate the happy addons for Elementor. Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data. Talented developers have helped grow Elementor even further. Happy Addons is the ultimate addon for Elementor with 50+ widgets, 10+ features, 400+ blocks, and more. Time to rejoice in hope for a better future. Elementor Addon Elements is another free plugin with over 50,000 active installations. Happy Addons offers 55+ widgets to allow you to add creative elements such as Instagram feed, interactive charts, skill bar, image compare, business hour, and so on. Bring Your Creative Web Designing Imaginations to life with Happy Elementor Addons – a complete package for every level of users. Another day, another Elementor Addons. The pixel option seemed to work. But there is no scope to use background overlay color for everyone. Easily copy anything from one site and paste them to others on different domains to save yourself from repetitive work. MM Aurangajeb. Translate “Happy Addons for Elementor” into your language. I wanted to try this to use the column pixel width option on my header Let’s explore the world of Happy Addons Pro Widgets: The premium (PRO) features of Happy Addons truly make it stand out from all the other Elementor add-ons out there right now. Apart from the freemium widgets, the plugin will pamper you with a fleet of professional quality features. Its fashionable appearance with detail setting features allows you to instantly create unusual designs. These free yet important widgets would surely give you a feel of premium widgets making you wonder how come these widgets are free. being careful, guys. you might be willing to buy premium. HappyAddons are carefully coded to keep the site fast and fatless. Our code doesn’t stink and we don’t leave you blindfolded when you need support from us. I was sold when I read, “nested sections.". We will continuously improve our template library. Yes it looks good. This plugin now helps me speed up my workflow even more by providing an amazing set of presets. Highly recommended if you are working on Elementor. توضیحات. Stay up to date with all the recent news, updates and great discounts by simply adding your email address to our list. It includes only 11 elements in its bundle. You will get the below mentioned much talked about standout premium features in the PRO version of Happy Addons: If you are creating different web pages with WordPress, you will often try to use the same elements of a web page to other pages over and over again. Started by: sulainisart. Happy Elementor Addons is a collection of slick, powerful widgets that works seamlessly with Elementor page home builder. Grab a whooping 25% discount on the pro version by subscribing below. Description. As now a days the line icon trend is very popular and useful, we added this unique icon pack to create an aesthetic design for your website. Officially recommended by Elementor Page Builder! To import premium templates you will need the HappyAddons Pro. Refund policy. HappyAddons include 500+ plus line icon by default for all users. ex: Shortpixel Image Optimiser, Update: Style copy-paste support improved, Fix: Image Grid image alt attribute value issue, Fix: Justified Gallery image alt attribute value issue, Fix: Skills Bar % sign visibility inconsistency issue, New: Widgets control panel link in Elementor Finder, New: Widgets control panel link in Elementor editor panel, Update: Added Dual Button layout (Stack and Queue layout), Fix: Image Grid and Justified Gallery filter issue for non english languages, Fix: Justified gallery image alt attribute missing issue, Fix: Dual Button responsive issue – using layout feature, Fix: Dual Button default hover text color, Fix: Widgets Control Panel navigation jump issue, New: Image popup support for Justified Grid, Update: Improved HTML tag support for description and title fields, Update: Improved HTML escaping support for security, Fix: Missing style issue while copy-pasting widget style. ), New: Fixed size controls in Elementor Button widget, Fix: Badge offset responsive issue for Icon Box Widget, Fix: Wrapper is rendered when icon/image is missing issue, Fix: Conflict with Essential Addons causing PHP fatal error, Tweak: Improved floating effects editing performance, Fix: Text editor slow performance and rendering lag issue, Tweak: Improved on demand assets loading for Elementor theme builder, Tweak: Improved support for 3rd party header, footer builders, Fix: Dashboard php error for users with non admin or super admin roles, Tweak: Improved support for image optimization plugins. Currently, there are 400+ preset designs available in Happy Addons. You can create great looking websites using Happy Addons Nulled & Elementor together. Now install Happy Elementor Addons (Free) plugin and then Happy Elementor Addons Pro plugin from our website. Highly Recommend! Happy Elementor Addons PRO - Elementor Addons HappyAddons is a collection of slick, powerful widgets that works seamlessly with Elementor page builder. With Elementor, you can create sections to make room for elements. Additionally, read weDevs privacy policy for better knowledge on it. Happy addons has it too. Currently several widget has opportunity to input background color or image. They seem to focus in quality instead of quantity which is my preferred way (they still have plenty of widgets, tho). Working on multiple websites? There is a common complaint, it’s impossible to make the exact demo-like design on a personal website. We feel happy to say that by integrating the Happy Elementor add-ons, you can create infinite sections within a single section. Element Pack. Started by: Masselyn. Happy Elementor Addons is a collection of slick, powerful widgets that works seamlessly with Elementor page builder and it’s only for Elementor. CONSISTED OF 32 FREE WIDGETS Developer: weDevs: Tags: Addons for Elementor, Interface Elementor: Categories: WordPress Plugins: Technical support: Technical support included. Added - Made Elementor lightbox lib as default for gallery and gallery carousel addons with slideshow function. And you’ll get some cool and extra features like Happy Effects for other Elementor Addons or Extensions. And I am a paid customer! We put our best effort to make you happy. Enjoy this freemium (free+premium) page builder for Elementor that consists of cutting-edge widgets that are surely set to take your page building experience with Elementor editor to the next level. Much like its name, it will let you select pre-made designs to create a web page faster and of course without compromising the quality.

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