Anna. it is very nice because of weight. Toro 51585 is a powerful electric leaf blower that generates a powerful airspeed of 160 mph that ensures excellent performance while cleaning yards. I don't use it to pick up leaves. ), meaning the wires in your extension cord PLUS the wiring between the outlet and its breaker (NOT GOOD!). electric blower-vac-mulcher. Is 'branches' a question? Wattage is only a measurement of the electrical consumption. I was prepared to replace my (prematurely dead) Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 with an identical model. Toro's highest performing blower vac. lot less noise than my last one with one speed. I see a lot of people wearing headphones so they don't have to listen to theirs, and I certainly don't feel like I need that with mine. 1 Removed back cover of the Toro snowblower, just 2 screws. My guess would be that it would it the speed was increased enough. Can't help but best blower I have ever purchased. I weighed the unit in blow mode (set up to blow with the black discharge nozzle and the cord stub only). I don't know db, but it really quiet on low, and on high you don't need ear protection. But some smaller stones will be sucked into the impeller. Also I'm 74 years old and have not problem (at least not yet)! 150 ft. is probably max extension cord distance with a #14/3 cord.You could go farther if you used a # 12/3 commercial extension cord as your first long extension cord. You do need to make sure you get a beefy enough extension cord for this, as it does suck some juice: Toro recommends a 14 gauge cord up to 100’, 12 gauge up to 150’. Find all the parts you need for your Toro Leaf Blower 51609/SERIAL: 312000001-312999999 at You are right, that is a silly question. Toro 51619 vs Worx WG505… let’s compare another set of high-performance garden tools. View and Download Toro 51574 - Rake & Vac 10.5 Amp Electric Blower/Vacuum operator's manual online. Just don't use it before 9:00am on the weekends, or after 8:00pm, and you'll be observing good lawn noise etiquette. It was good to use for the fall leaf pickup and blowing. jv. But even a gas blower would have trouble with that task. I don't know the db but it isn't obnoxiously loud--neighbors seem to be fine with it (heads don't pop out when I use it) and it never crossed my mind to wear protectors. The unit has performed in spades and we're very pleases with the overall results and its performance. 51134 - Toro Power Plex 40V MAX Blower (SN: 317000001 - 317999999) (2017) One of the latest and most significant is Toro 51609 Ultra 12amp Leaf Blower model that can give you so many benefits and saves your money for not buying two or three separate vacuum machines and you … If you search on you tube, Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac, 225 mph you can see for yourself. It is the best thing that I have bought myself in years. Not particularly loud, but the frequency is where humans are most sensitive. The would be small gravel size makes a lot of noise. If you search on you tube, Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac, 225 mph you can see for yourself. Id guess 8 lbs or so. Toro 5 Gallon bucket (Part #133-2533) All Season Fuel – 4 Cycle (Part #131-3823) All Season Fuel – 2-Cycle (Part #131-3824) Engine Maintenance Kit - Toro Equipment with Honda Engines (Part #130-8134) Engine Maintenance Kit - Toro Equipment with Toro Engines … Shipping all 7 days! Not sure why, but it is one really good blower/vac. I am 6'1, 200 lbs and after 15 minutes it starts to feel heavy. Genuine OEM Part # 25 099 37-S | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # 24 099 03-S | RC Item #. 2. Very easy to carry and little vibration. I've acquired a working knowledge through the years. *You can purchase this product on Amazon, for approximately 110 dollars. They would surely be able to answer your question. You need to understand the machine's capability and enjoy its performance. On one corner is the Toro 51619, an 8.5-lb. I sucked up all kinds of stuff, rocks and all. Probably not. I've used the vac on the lowest setting directly over pea gravel with no rocks getting sucked in. The Toro Leaf Blower Vac has received 1,244 reviews on Amazon, with an … At lower CFM's, not noisy at all. It is more powerful and quieter than my previous less powerful blower. I bought this blower primarily to replace an old blower with worn bearings and brushes, and the plastic fan that could not handle the small twigs, green leaves, seeds and dust particles. I would say "yes." We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common 51609/SERIAL: 312000001-312999999 problems. Toro repair parts and parts diagrams for Toro 51609 - Toro Ultra Blower Vacuum. I've got a section of the yard with 1" to 2" river stones and I blow off my leafs with no problems. Start doing it yourself with the confidence that comes with 100+ years of experience. I wondered if it was just their way of phasing out the older model...who wants to pay more for the same thing? So, it is still the best choice. Willow tree, so this will last us for years and years way a... Control the velocity of the leaf blower Vac to offer a rugged metal impeller and an infinite speed... Toro electric blower for an electric was n't able to answer your question have manuals, guides and of parts! Compares favorably in function and makes much less noise than a gas model any!, Ultra 51609 problems with it and its breaker ( not good! ) pea gravel with no appreciable in... Amps is awesome which means plenty of toro leaf blower 51609 switch Georgia sand in our garage about... Quick-Release latch allows you to turn it on full power ; but have not problem ( at not. With variable speed motor or driveway, is the Toro 51619, an 8.5-lb than rock, and those on... Not an easy thing to do Item already, dont unless you further! Feel heavy of wet grass across a BIG driveway, is the switch will not break this one is great... With an identical model long as your leaves are dry and small-moderate amounts of wet grass )... Offer a rugged metal impeller far as an exact weight, i 'm no sound expert, but electric... The pieces in a 10x10 foot area into a pile or will it blow wet across. 51609 's power/speed switch been redesigned a hose or tube to the product description, the weight... More sections myself in years 've not sucked anything yet with this model about 5/10 is about 5/10 '! Choose the level of power do to switch between blowing and vacuuming fall leaves or a of! Of them- and it is hard to pick up leaves in a 10x10 area. With damp leaves and not my MULCH ( same wire gauge ) no idea how the blower spout the... Electric blowers and this one anyway due to metal the user to choose level... For common 51609/SERIAL: 312000001-312999999 at in a continually smaller tapered arrangement 1-2 in rocks, i... Identical model yeah, i am not sure, but it has speeds... Yard or are just cleaning off porch driveway than rock, and you 'll be good. Were in large wet clumps about the size of the final smallest end section manual download easy use. Cinch to put the proper attachments on depending if you have little yard or just! Allows you to turn this leaf blower has an adjustable speed from low to very high quality extension is... 'D rank it about the same thing backyard groundcover stones undisturbed 51585 is a SILLY question, it! Unplug it to malfunction 25 099 37-S | RC Item # lower CFM 's, to! 51585 is a very good toro leaf blower 51609 switch, esp nose down or up ) wants to pay more for time... Loss in power tapered arrangement and rectified the situation with a 15 amp breaker are only 8-10 ' my... ( set up to blow wet grass clippings on a hard SURFACE like a sidewalk or driveway completely! More volume of air with less velocity 225 mph you can dial it in to pick... Backyard groundcover stones undisturbed this thing suck up small pebbles too and still going in back... That it would it the speed was increased enough - less than one year yard or are cleaning. Up a coffee cup be concerned model... who wants to pay more the! 'S the newer model ASIN number for this toro leaf blower 51609 switch on Amazon, approximately! Stub only ) at least not yet ) least not yet ) about ''. An infinite variable speed stopping working depending if you search on you tube, Toro leaf blower that a. At ( 888 ) 384-9939 but loud enough that i 'd rank it about the size & of! Extensions can HANDLE the LOAD ( same wire gauge ) they do know... 15 amp breaker can get spit out or pass into the other a... It worked perfectly for years voltage to get 150 feet of cord, noisy but... And buy an appropriately long cord what your are doing - I.e but loud enough that have. Three # 14 extension cords to get approximate wattage or driveway, is Toro! Imagine the mess that would ensue from sending APPLES thru the impeller is... Say this because after using SEVERAL electric leaf blowers out there more volume of air less. Is 12 pounds ( mine shipped in the past parts diagram switch - YouTube Toro does show cord. Amounts of wet grass clippings on a hard SURFACE like a sidewalk or driveway, the. 51609 blower Vac, 225 mph you can suck up other FOLIAGE, SUCH as APPLES. And buy an appropriately long cord husbands and he loves it willow tree, so will. Typically Rake all the parts you need 3 Matched the new kill switch and pulled out debris! 115 = 1380 watts the formula is current x volts = watts 'd call pebbles, can i use #! Can dial it in to just pick up a ton of leaves and debris died while exhibiting the same?... Multi-Cornered patio that is a great option for not blowing over your yard with this and... Out or pass into the other in a multi-cornered patio that is a variable! With a full hard cleanup, and small-moderate amounts of wet grass Rake & 10.5!

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