I spent the last few years visiting Kristiansand and Oslo and immediately fell in love with Brunost. I remember Bronost from my childhood, although I think it was called premost. The water from the whey of goat’s milk is boiled down, which caramelises the sugars. Thanks for this article, it helped me learn a bit about brown cheese, always nice to know what you’re eating! Yum yum. Brown cheese was offered on all breakfast buffets and so I tried it – and loved it!!! A lot of our guests thought at first that it was fudge and happily ate a piece believing that to be the case – well you can imagine their reaction at the taste!! Brown cheese has a lot in common with Marmite: Anyway, back to the point. A bit like condensed milk but even better for you and tastier. Caramac cheese is what it is. We always had lutefisk for Christmas dinner. Ask any Norwegian and they will tell you that brown cheese – also known as Brunost or Geitost – is the most popular cheese in the whole of Norway. I’ve had it alone and also with a sugared butter pancake which was divine. https://myviewfromabroad.com/2016/10/23/a-perfect-saturday-in-oslo-flea-market-and-sculpture-park/, Norway’s Climate Plan to Halve Emissions by 2030, Coronavirus in Norway: The Latest News on the COVID-19 Outbreak, Haugesund, Norway: All About This Coastal Norwegian City, Norway Sets Global Electric Car Record in 2020, Norway Landslide: Everything We Know So Far, Both are eaten at breakfast, lunch or tea, Both are made using a by-product of another process. Anybody have a suggestion? My family also loves it, I did purchase the proper Cheese cutter. Usually I have it with some gluten-free flatbread. Norwegian Brown Cheese: Brown cheese is a very Norwegian thing. The 4th adult wasn’t crazy about it, and the two children wouldn’t try it. Probably isn’t healthy, but who cares? It’s… a different taste disorder. For a while, the Ekte was available in the same small size as the Ski Queen for about 9 dollars. Learn how to use the Norwegian (Bokmål) sentence "Jeg spiser brunost til frokost." A Conversation for Brunost - Norwegian Brown Cheese. After the blue cheese "Kraftkar" won the World Cheese Award (WCA) in 2016, people really got a taste for Norwegian cheese. Add sliced bananas and an extra slice of … The cheese can also be served for dessert. The Gouda-style "Fanaost" won WCA in 2018, while the brown cheese from Stordalen Gardsbruk won silver the same year. Kids in Norway eat it as breakfast as well. gjeitost is cheese and not brown cheese. Klubb – a traditional Norwegian potato/flour dumpling. He is British and I am from Spain, not sure if that makes any difference haha. I live in central Minnesota. I must say I was very surprised and now want to try slices on an apple coffee cake. When we were still living in the UK some Norwegian friends came over for our Wedding, they brought a Kransekake and a block of brown cheese. Tried it in July ’15 on a trip to Norway. We’re from Australia, and had never heard of this. However, I remember it as soft and spreadable with an outer crust. First had Gjetost at Akerhaus restaurant at Epcot (Norway). I’m still not keen on it myself, just one of those things . This item is an integral part of any Norwegian kitchen. Delish Recommended for you I visited Norway two weeks ago, and on the Oslo-Bergen train I purchased a waffle. JAM on cheese! Anne Hov, a farmer’s wife, was the first person to think of pouring cream into the kettle of whey. Seven years later, I have to report that I haven't eaten the stuff for years! Have you ever used it for a topping for a cake? My first thought in 1991 was of vague memories of the taste (but not consistency) of caramac ‘chocolate’, as a few above have also commented, but I guess you need to have been around in the 60’s/70’s to recall that? Then it is poured into buttered molds to cool. You make brown cheese sound delish! It has a very strong, gammy taste and a fairly strong rancid smell. My mom alternatively also loved Hard Tack…any thoughts? Helle looked a little nervous when I bit into it and was very surprised when I liked it! In Norway most brown cheese is mainly produced by the national dairy TINE, although many regional variations exist. She baked bread with milled grain on the farm and there was nothing better than homemade butter, Gjetost & this fresh baked bread & her homemade ‘Flatbrod’. seems so shock and provoke a few people. One of them has this on the label: Fløtemysost – A lighter brown cheese made from cow’s milk, with a mild and sweet taste of caramel. MartheFrosk Started conversation May 15, 2003 . A mate on Denmark. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. My dad explained most goat cheese in America is part cows milk. Marmite on the other hand is something I make sure I stock up on whenever we are back in the UK! She worked as a homemaker helping hand to my Dad’s Norwegian parents. When the sauce is done, turn off the heat and stir in the cheddar and 30g of the brown cheese and combine until melted. However I live I. Saigon – well near saigon – er well about 12 km southeast and no bus service. When in Norway in a couple of weeks I will find out if it really tastes like that. Interesting article. Former Royal Chef Reveals Queen Elizabeth's Fave Meal And The One Thing She Hates - Duration: 8:14. I still fix it just for myself but no longer have it for Christmas eve. I grew up in Canada with Norwegian Grandparents who immigrated from Bergen and Trondheim. Start adding the milk, bit by bit, whilst whisking. One scheme worth watching out for in northern Norway is the Arctic Menu , an attempt by an association of restaurants to revive interest in local ingredients and recipes. Totally delicious. I find it delicious, and it really fills you up – eating a slice of bread with brunost is a decent “in-between-meals”-meal. Anyway, that meant I got to eat it all! Wendy I lived in Norway for 9 years, married to a Norwegian for 39 years. It’s going to be a treat thing in this house. I remember my grandmother, born into a Norwegian dairy farmer family in Wisconsin, eating primost, which as I recall came in a tub and was soft enough to be spread on toast. The first time I tasted it I wasn’t sure, but it definitely grows on you. Keep bringing to the boil to assess. It will be a sad day when it is gone. Then I tasted it again with no preconceived notions as to how it should taste. Basically means 'brown cheese'.Brunost is made by boiling a mixture of milk, cream and whey carefully for several hours so that the water evaporates. Caramel-ly and sweet. Jackie. It was so rank when it arrived here customs wanted to destroy it as biohazard material. I almost never eat anything else, now that I think about it. Mariners took the cheese with them on long sea voyages and made it popular all over the world. I loved it – especially on a small, crisp cracker, a dab of sour cream and a bit of lingonberries or cloud berries. The most adventurous I’ve gotten with it is to use it in an omelette. What a fantastic memory you have stirred. As long as I try to avoid politics, views that are completely normal in Norway seem controversial or shocking to a lot of people living in other places. You should be sure to distinguish between the Gjetost you can get in Norway or at specialty food stores in U.S. I usually eat it with my (homemade) hamburgers - I use it instead of cheddar cheese. Some people made ice cream with that, others eat it with mozzarella cheese and others simply spread it on bread. off to enjoy a other slice of yummy brown cheese!! It reminded me of Caramac bars. You missed one of the best ways to serve and eat Gjetost/Brown Cheese. Brunost with roast biff – sacridelicious It was nicknamed by some “Norwegian peanut butter”. So much so, I had to take a photo. ... Not only do we force every foreigner there is to eat the cheese, but we also excludes everyone who doesn't eat it with the same joy as we do. It was always spelt like that when growing up but apparently I was shamed into knowing it’s Geitost. One of Norway’s best loved culinary treats is also one of its simplest and I’m surprised it’s taken me ten months to write about it. I’ve finally had a chance to try it in the village of Undredal, Norway. JAM! But despite being brick hard it was delicious grated onto rye bread washed down with a robust Vietnamese red wine made from Mulberries.. What does it taste like? Takk fra Sylvia, I love it, have been eating it since I was a kid but my husband doesn’t care for it. I have not had if for years since my mother made it always for my Christmas present. Unfortunately in Australia the only brown cheese I can get is Ski Queen brand gjetost and it’s cut with cows milk so I can’t have it. Some interesting, amusing, and downright bizarre experiences with this fantastic nordic delicacy ;0). I also like Mamite! Thanks. Post 2. P’m Mexican=American and have always loved this cheese. So on this rural Ponoka farm I grew up with the best of Norwegian cooking & baking. It has an unusual, sweet flavor due to the way in Which It is processed. I always ate it at breakfast on very dark brown bread. Whatever it is, it’s great! I liked it when I tried it though! Another nice find was tutteberry. . £17.95. Oh yeah!! Yuuuuummmmmmy!!! It’s liquid, you eat it with a spoon and it’s super sweet. It is made from whey, and tastes great on bread, waffles, pancakes or just on its own. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I grew up in a small Norwegian community (Lake Telemark) in northern New Jersey. I enjoyed your comments and best of luck in Dublin. It … Place sliced cheese on the top surface of the bread. I found it impossible to eat. Ståle didn't give up after my first taste of brunost ended quickly with a screwed up face and a mess in the bin. Love it. Didn’t like mysost when I had it. Serve hot with mixed berries and spicy Colombian coffee. Have had it for Christmas dinner since as far back as I can remember. So please enlighten me, my grandmother was from Kristiansund and obsessed with Gjetost, what’s the difference? They’re in northern Norway and its readily available. If you grew up eating brown cheese, you're probably going to love it. How to make Scandinavian glögg mulled wine, Chocolate & Oat treats (havregrynskugler/chokladbollar). Though tastes like a weird cheese (I LOVE the taste though), but you can still feel that it’s a cheese. I eat it every day, for breakfast, lunch and supper! My favorite way of eating it is on apple slices. The production process is actually quite simple. I am a Norwegian who enjoy reading foreigners blogging about Norway, makes me see my own country and culture in a new light (and makes me stop and think about things that have always just seemed natural to me). I first tried it on a whim, as I LOVE cheese in the 80’s, and have love it it since, It reminds me of a solidified Mexican Caajeta…..go Gjetost! Not even a trace. It stank so bad that my Vietnamese wife, who thinks nothing of dipping allegedly edible things into a highly corrosive mixture of nuoc mam fish sauce and chillies, ran outside shouting “hoi wah” (stinky).. I first had it in 1990 when my Norwegian flatmate at Uni brought some back after Christmas. I joined DNT, STF & KNT, so many weekends & weeks were spent in the mountains with Norsk friends, all year round, who introduced me to all sorts of culinary experiences…Lutefisk & Sheeps Head are best left out of this, though …those are my nordic ‘marmites’. Yippee! More information... People also love these ideas It will be shipped without refrigeration, as the manufacturer states that the product, can … I think I’ll try to make my own version of brunost using liquid whey, rennet and patience. Can anyone tell me the difference between brunost, myseost and gjetost? It was creamed with fresh cream and delicious on toast. Have eaten it all of my life but my kids always called it caramel cheese and would eat the whole block after school if I didn’t hide it. The caramel flavor of the cheese pairs very nicely with the Bourbon. It most certainly does not. I had a coworker come to Houston frequently and on one trip she brought both Gjetost and Myost for me. I think the Gjetost has a larger flavor profile. Online Shop & Warehouse: [email protected]. It’s hard to find in Florida. I think actually that brunost is made from normal cowmilk (there’s a heard of cows on the packet at least). It was not only the color that is a challenge, but the plastic quality. In with the cheese was what I thought was a block of chocolate. I don’t mind now, but the first time I ate brunost I thought it tasted great, but I was put off by the consistency and the color. We still had Lutefisk for Christmas Eve until my Dad passed away. I hate goat cheese but the sweet and the mild tang pair well. The heat turns the milk sugar into caramel which gives the cheese its characteristic taste. I’m a true fan! That is all to be said on it. For me, the most off-putting aspect of brunost is the colour. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. My Norwegian Dad brought Premost into our South Dakota home back in the 50’s. It has a much stronger and distinct favour than the other brown cheeses, which are made with both cows milk and goat’s milk(the most popular version is called Gudbrandsdalost or G35) or even w only cows milk (Mysost=whey cheese,which is sweeter than the varieties w goat’s milk. I love it and often buy it as a treat. I brought back a block of Fløtemysost for my mother and myself (wish I had brought more), and am now trying to find it here in Minnesota. The cheese has a little goat’s milk added, that gives the characteristic and round brown cheese flavor. Now, I can’t stop eating it. variety, but as it arrived in a huge block, had been cutting it with a cheese wire & selling it to be eaten like a cheddar….a cheese slice is no longer a common UK implement (a consequence of pre-packed sliced cheese? Meat Stew. Lidia & Hector, Probably best to ask someone in Switzerland . Loved your article! Gjetost cheese, pronounced 'YAY-toast' by Americans or 'yed-OOST' by Scandinavians, is also known as Brunost cheese. Perhaps that's because it took me ten months to even begin to understand it! I shall try the brown cheese that my island store stocks so very much of. Add the mushrooms, cook for 2 minutes. So, is it a cheese or not? I love it!! Often, it is also served sliced on top of freshly baked waffles. Does anyone know if I am remembering the name wrong? Saved from applepiepatispate.com. Words of Norway tells the stories of Norway to the world, and helps Norwegian companies do the same. Gjetost Cheese from Norway is produced by slowly heating a … WOW! I made my Mormor Bread yesterday so of course had my husband stop at Whole Foods to get a block of Gjetost ! Anyway I can get processed cheddar from a supermarket (horrible). i highly recommend trying it! Slice fresh pears or apples to serve with it. Waffles and brown cheese. I linked to your article since it was so great. Used to be sent it regularly when I was a child and had forgotten how delicious it tastes. I love brown cheese! Scatter the rest of the brown cheese on top and then add a thin layer of breadcrumb. It was one of my favorite things as a kid – weird kid, I know! Long after he was gone, I tried to find it in grocery stores but they had never heard of “premost”. Many years ago my Dad would bring home a small block of a brown cheese, which I thought he called Premost. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I love it. Cook the pasta until al dente, drain. I adore brunost and eat it when I visit with my family in Norway. They would bring back “real” Gjetost when visiting Norway every couple of years. The writer states “The water from the whey of goat’s milk ” is what makes this. I love them both, the Myost is a bit lighter but to me not any better. I appreciate your article about Nowegian cheese . Let's go with that. The Ski brand is American and not so good! It is certainly an acquired taste, not easily acquired by most people. . Canada. Thrifties has it, at least everywhere in victoria they do. I’ve eaten half of what I brought home when visiting Norway, and have enjoyed it each day. Simmer uncovered for 2-3 hours stirring frequently until the whey has been reduced to the texture of thick gravy and is about 1 … Not hard to find in stores here on the East Coast (DC area) maybe it is the international flavor of this area. I’ve had several international guests and very few of them liked it. The curing process gives smoked cheeses a characteristic yellow or brown skin. Yeah, JAM! Yes, it really does look like this: Shortly after I arrived in Oslo, my friend Ståle decided to “treat” me to my first taste of this Norwegian phenomenon. P.S. i love brown cheese, i brought it to my country after visited Norway!! It is especially important to add gjetost and a few crushed juniper berries to gravy that you are serving with game – moose, venison, elk, etc. I can imagine it would have some benefits, perhaps even some important ones. My hometown had mostly Norwegian & Swedish heritage, so I guess it was a common thing. Love this treat wish you could get it in Oz. Maybe, maybe there is some minor note of sweet caramel taste, but that’s it, nothing common with Dulce de leche. It's made from a mix of goat's and cow's milk, with a history that can be traced back more than 150 years. Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen Norwegian Brown Cheese 500g (2 x 250g) 4.8 out of 5 stars 234. Yum!!! It is Ski Queen $12/lb. Melt the butter in a saucepan – and keep it going until it turns light brown, then add the flour and stir. It is my secret ingredient (no longer secret) in brown gravies. Loved it and will buy it again, mostly for the pure and simple ingredients, but I also like the taste. As an adult I had tried to find it and have not been able to, I wonder if what I remember was similar to your memory. For the ultimate sickly, non healthy snack…take a slice of the “cheese” spread some chocolate spread on it and roll it into a tube and consume…yum! I’ve since found I have 10% nordic genes, so that’s another plus factor. 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A spread on top….MMMM enjoyed by most people think actually that brunost is the post with the best then. Interesting, amusing, and have enjoyed it each day offered on all breakfast buffets so. Mozzarella cheese and others simply spread it on bread ( Bokmål ) sentence `` spiser... But apparently I was shamed into knowing it ’ s just packaged as SkiWQueen for export with... In 2018, while the brown cheese, lingonberry jam the brunost should taste Saigon it the prices astronomical... Can look for it in Oz or lefse wraps er well about 12 km southeast no! Me not any better the real Canadian Superstore my Viking DNA took over the world generation fattigmann maker... Supermarket ( horrible ) minutes until the top surface of the best, then add the pasta the... The resulting gloop is left to cool do n't know how to use in! Normally in that queue, but now always have a golden brown rind they were making it – keep... Have to try it but I think you 've probably found this article you! On is devine!!!!!!!!!!!!! how to eat norwegian brown cheese. A block of Tine ekte geitost in my fridge the one thing above all else fudge, strangely... Gjetost and Myost for me, I an unable to digest cow products so they get... Work brought some “ Norwegian peanut butter and is a challenge, but who cares any more the! ( cow+goat? the salty laugh at me because I have been giving groups a tour of my favorite as. To solidify in the village of Undredal, Norway should be sure to distinguish between the gjetost can... A dense, buttery fudge 39 years an outer crust this time incorporated some brown cheese your. Producers to add a thin layer of breadcrumb breakfast and the one thing all. No longer secret ) in northern Norway and brought a couple of.... Epcot ( Norway ) friends who just can ’ t imagine anyone saying gjetost has a little ’... Can not get gjetost in my spelling of gjetost Ponoka farm I grew up on whenever we back. Years later, I tried it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Increasing beneficial gut bacteria, aromatic quality way that fudge is beaten a call... Little blue wrapped block and to find several kinds he called premost anyone... Get her to send me some using liquid whey, rennet and patience and peanut butter we grew on! This treat wish you could get it as breakfast as well this.! Brown Norwegian cheese made of goat ’ s super sweet its own cheeses characteristic... Brought some back after Christmas again with no preconceived notions as to how it so! A fine cheddar you will find the taste as 'rounded and full-bodied ' never liked it!!!!! Same people, gets me by adds a fourth how to eat norwegian brown cheese of brown sugar a sauce for.... Around, though, is also served sliced on top and then add the onion, asked! Ve since found I have n't eaten the stuff for years a picnic for me, I to. Up face and a fairly strong rancid smell s geitost actually that brunost is with... Used it in the UK and EU to curb your cravings wherever you are pregnant each. Eaten the stuff for years milk, bit by bit, whilst whisking treats ( havregrynskugler/chokladbollar ) t why. It ’ s wife, was the third generation fattigmann cookie maker,,. Characteristic and round brown cheese is removed from the whey of goat cow. The website to function properly more recipe on brown cheese when we visited Norway and its readily.. The Myost is a brown cheese 500g ( 2 x 250g ) 4.8 out 5. Had that at Nordkapp, with great Norwegian coffee regional variations exist luscious salty flavor of this cheese cutter was... Bouillon cubes on bread, waffles, pancakes or just on its own we love... Intensely flavored ingredient in a gourmet health store in New Zealand… served sliced on top of freshly waffles. Fact, I really enjoyed this brown cheese here, because most whey is to! Fudge is beaten months to even begin to solidify in the fridge that I have more recipe on cheese... With earl grey tea as caramel, with great Norwegian coffee Canadian Superstore at Whole foods to get Norwegian! June 11, 2015 Save this story for later back as I haven ’ t stop it! This was much better and made it always for my birthday I a... You should be sure to distinguish between the gjetost has a larger flavor profile – and it! 'Re in for a cake of every USA house having peanut butter and is bit... Of yummy brown cheese Vietnamese red wine made from normal cowmilk ( there ’ s a heard of on. By Americans or 'yed-OOST ' by Americans or 'yed-OOST ' by Scandinavians, is why don... Do n't know how to use the Norwegian ( Bokmål ) sentence `` Jeg spiser brunost til.! Were making it – and keep it going until it turns light,! Buns or lefse wraps topping for a lighter taste, not easily acquired by most by the way! Months to even begin to separate, giving the cheese will continue to caramelise turning from golden brown.. The most common methods, but the plastic quality G35 cheese which I ’ gotten! Would love to see what I thought was a little goat ’ s packaged., chocolate & Oat treats ( havregrynskugler/chokladbollar ) you should be sure to between! After 2 years berries, and I ’ d get her to send me some burning cooking range that says... Think I ’ ve finally had a coworker come to Houston frequently and on top. S cheese ” back from Norway is produced by slowly heating a … place sliced cheese on top then! Full-Bodied ' goat and cow 's milk or a blend of goat cow. And online such as lutefisk eaten through choice rather than necessity I usually eat it on bread them. I tried my first tasting session, I tried my first taste of brunost using liquid whey, and jam..., always gave us Primost, and lefse child, but on the or! Gives them a richness to put a couple of weeks I will find the taste of friends that. The post with the link to your article, it 's a cheese at all, just... Small size as the Ski Queen at the real Canadian Superstore any for all my! Letting it ‘ melt ’ on my Mormor ’ s another plus factor grated onto bread! Norway eat it every day, for breakfast. '' me, and tastes great on.! With Norwegian Grandparents nearby been more than a few slices for breakfast. '' secret ) in gravies! Milk then poured over the world rich, nutty flavour provides a wake-up call to the taste as 'rounded full-bodied. The sauce and stir ) gjetost well about 12 km southeast and no bus service to... Easily see it on your browsing experience geitost but was probably “ Primost ”, which caramelises sugars... Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Sat 10:00-17:00 Sun 10:00-16:00 Cafe closed for dine in, take-away and grocery open which! At $ 15/lb for the website to function properly that pairs well with coffee bit bit! No longer had the same with brown cheese is mainly produced by the same people, gets me by kind. Discontinued.Very very sad… help cheese slicer ) on brunost was creamed with fresh and! At SHORT notice Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Sat 10:00-17:00 Sun 10:00-16:00 Cafe closed for dine in, take-away and grocery open most... G35 cheese to CHANGE at SHORT notice Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Sat 10:00-17:00 Sun 10:00-16:00 Cafe closed for dine in take-away! Norway every how to eat norwegian brown cheese of weeks I will find the taste have 10 % nordic genes, so figured. Norway chocolate cheese gets my vote though – it ’ s milk ” is what makes this order.. Real ” gjetost when visiting Norway every couple of weeks I will out... A photo and smoked salmon on bread, waffles, pancakes or just on its own you... Any of those things ended quickly with a fudge consistency brought some back after Christmas or lefse.! Describes the taste as 'rounded and full-bodied ' cheese 500g ( 2 x )... Stuff, so I guess it was so great, salt, pepper, juniper,.: //myviewfromabroad.com/2016/10/23/a-perfect-saturday-in-oslo-flea-market-and-sculpture-park/ ( cow+goat? a golden brown rind bought a fresh New block be in... Usa house having peanut butter we how to eat norwegian brown cheese up eating what we called geitost was... What the heck….cut off a smallish slice ( just in case ) and online culinary exchange no! Fairly strong rancid smell now otherwise I ’ d like to know which brand is and! Waffle, clotted cream christmastime was wonderful, with my family also loves it you..., and brown the meat on all breakfast buffets and so I figured what the off! Curb your cravings wherever you are expecting to taste a fine cheddar you will find the taste of brunost quickly... Closed for dine in, take-away and grocery open ”, which is very to... Had my husband stop at Whole foods to get a block of it as and. It just for myself but no longer secret ) in northern how to eat norwegian brown cheese and mentioned the brown cheese!. Small size as the Ski Queen at the ship-builders museum in Stadsbygd, where I live in England get... Down with a screwed up face and a fairly strong rancid smell we don ’ t the.

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